What exactly is a seasoning?
A seasoning is a term used when you introduce a herbs, spices, sugars & salts to your cooking to enhance flavour. The most common and simple seasoning of all is salt. 
Do your products contain any impure ingredients like MSG or anti-clumping agents?
No - we use spices, herbs, sugars and salt only. Our products don't need anything else, as they are made to be used and enjoyed, not sit on your pantry shelf for long periods of time.
How do I use Wild Fennel Co. products?
Simply coat, rub, roll or sprinkle our seasonings on to your meat or fish prior to cooking for an instant punch of flavour. We have a few recipes here on our website for you to use, and each seasoning has suggestions on the back. Feel free to email us if you have any questions!
Where can I buy your seasonings?
We sell them right here on our website, or you can check out our map of stockists around New Zealand.
Do you produce custom blends, or can you supply in large numbers?
Yes! Just email Dan at and let's talk about your ideas.